Allergies and Yoga

With the fall comes beauty but for some that means fighting with allergies.

Allergies can interrupt your sleep, cause burning and itching eyes, itchy and runny noses just to mention a few of the symptoms. Allergies can also put you in a bad mood and make you miserable all over.

Allergies can be treated by taking over the counter medicines to curb symptoms or getting regular shots from an allergist but there are some more natural methods to deal with allergy symptoms.

Regular practice of calming Yoga poses can help you breathe better.

Your immune system may improve and be able to fight off the effects of a major offender – pollen.

The act of inversion can drain nasal secretions and increase blood flow into your mouth and nose area.  Nasal passages can be opened which will ensure drainage of the sinuses and bring relief from the stopped up feeling.

One pose you might try for this would be the Plow Pose (Halasana).  In this position the body looks like a plow pulled by bulls in the fields (traditional Indian plough.)  The body is in a position as one digging the earth, making it free and loose.

True Hot Yoga offers a variety of classes to fit your busy schedule. Our studios are heated which warms the muscles and prepares them for the work out.  The warmer temperatures increase blood flow and perspiration.  This process will aid in the detoxification process which will also soothe allergy symptoms.  Be sure to drink plenty of fluids which will help with this process.

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