Staying hydrated in yoga

Being Hydrated is More Than Drinking Water

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We hear a lot about the importance of staying hydrated, especially if you are practicing Hot Yoga. Drinking plenty of water is very important, however there is more that you can do besides drink water.

Fruits are a source of water, a watermelon is mostly made up of water, this is a nutritious and enjoyable way to hydrate yourself. Other great sources of fruit for this are oranges, honeydew, and grapefruit.

Vegetables such as celery, cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes and lettuce are nutrient rich and provide water to your body. Hungry for a nice salad, enjoy knowing many benefits are coming your way.

Coffee, tea, sports drinks, are alternatives to water as well. try adding extra water to sports drinks to lower the sugar in them.

Hints For Hydration

Alcohol may be enjoyable but is actually dehydrating. A good idea, especially if you are out is to drink one glass of water per one alcoholic beverage.

Some people complain the reason they don’t drink more water is they simply don’t like the taste. Try adding lemon slices, cucumber slices, raspberries or mint to your water for extra flavor.

Do you think you may be dehydrated? Check your urine. Is it light colored and a significant amount every few hours? If so, you are probably staying adequately hydrated. If you are going all day without urinating you need to increase fluids.

Keep an eye out on young athletes in the heat, sweat and heat without adequate fluids can be deadly. Make sure to keep the water and sports drinks readily available.

True Hot Yoga has classes to fit your busy schedule. Oh, and be sure to pack your water bottle.

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