We “Got Your Back”

Care For Your Back Too!

Taking care of your back and spine is very important. Once you have damaged the back, slipped discs, etc, and require repair surgery you are in for a long road to recovery in most cases

There are many Yoga poses that can help your back stay strong. There are some poses that relieve back pain. If you are under the care of a physician you should check with your Dr. before trying anything, you don’t want to make it worse!

However, for preventative maintenance, toning and flexibility take advantage of Yoga. True Hot Yoga has class times to fit your busy schedule. Our studios are heated to an average temperature of 105 degrees which enhances the Yoga experience. Practicing Yoga in a heated studio can increase your level of sweating and perspiration, elimination of toxins and improve circulation.

Here Are A Few Poses You Can Try To Stretch Your Back:


Rather than describe each pose in detail and how to practice the pose why not come in and talk to our instructors?  That way you can describe to them what your particular concerns are and they can help you choose the pose that would best suit your needs.

Learn more about Hot Yoga if you have never tried it before with our special two week introductory rate of $25!! That’s a great bargain.

We have two locations to serve you in Scottsdale and Arrowhead!  True Hot Yoga instructors are up to date and current in the latest trends.

Call us today for more info at 480.767.YOGA 

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