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Love and Yoga

When practiced alone, yoga can bring a renewed balance of mind, body and spirit.

When practiced with a partner, yoga can be just as transformational.

Whether practiced together or alone, yoga techniques can be used to strengthen loving relationships in many ways.

There are many possible benefits from couples yoga and related meditation techniques.

Some claim doing yoga together can solve everything from stress to infertility. While one-size-fits-all claims may be outlandish, the simple act of doing a spiritually and physically uplifting activity together has obvious potential for just about any relationship.

Meditation and yoga reduce stress, bridge our mind-body connections and increase simple awareness. All beneficial for those in long term relationships.

A Healthy Partner is a Happier Partner

The physical benefits of yoga abound. As with any fitness activity, decreasing stress and increasing health and strength are beneficial to well-being. Being healthier lessens the incidence of injury and depression, both of which can lead to serious relationship woes.

Being Present is a Gift

Regardless of what sensationalistic articles would have us believe, the true gift of yoga for couples is that it helps each partner to become more centered and present in the moment.

Through the techniques of yoga, we become more present and aware. Finding our own core balance mentally and spiritually allows us to be more mindful and giving in general.

You Must Care for Yourself First

In loving relationships, as in yoga, the key is accepting the process and where we and others are on the path.

As we discover our true selves and the skills of reflection and observance, we can become better capable of trust in ourselves and others.

Couples who do yoga together can benefit from the increased trust just as couple who practice yoga apart. With calm minds and open hearts, we can learn to connect and approach life more successfully together.

Yoga is an ongoing practice, just like a relationship is an ongoing commitment.

While not everyone benefits from increased awareness and shared mindfulness, the potential for personal and relationship growth are there.

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