Poses for a Flat Tummy

We know Yoga has innumerable benefits for stress reduction, relaxation, circulation, etc.

Yoga is also very good for toning parts of your body that are known as trouble spots.

One of the most common trouble spots is the tummy area.

Some people are more prone to have belly fat than others. Women particularly are subject to water retention and bloating in this area.

Increasing strength in the abdominal core through practicing Yoga will help with this.

There are several standing poses that target the abdominal area such as the extended side angle and extended triangle. While practicing this pose and practicing the rotation and stretching you will be able to tighten your abdominal wall.

Holding these poses for an extended period of time will lengthen the sides of your waistline.

Balancing poses also work on your abdominal area.

The plank pose, for example, tones the belly when you balance your head and toes you engage the stomach muscles to align your body from head to heel.

Using your core muscles in a steady pose will flatten and tone your stomach.

Using seated poses to hold your body upright will also strengthen your core muscles.

Yoga postures that bend your spine backward such as the cobra and the bow pose stretch your spine and lengthen and stretch your abdominals.

It is essential to maintain a balanced diet and include adequate water to keep your body flushed of toxins.

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