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True hot Yoga the number one yoga studio in the Scottsdale area specializes in cutting edge radiant heat.

We’ve all done it before… let our minds wander during our fitness or yoga session. It happens. However, research has shown that when our brains check out of an activity, the body eventually follows.

Therefore, the outstanding teachers of the ancient practice at True Hot Yoga, have joined together to help solve the problem of being more present in life and yoga, focus on your breath.

What does this really mean? Its actually quite simple…pay attention to the sensations in your stomach when you inhale and exhale ( how it rises and falls) then try to picture the diaphragm expanding and contracting as you take each breath.

Don’t try to “not think”

Instead, imagine your thoughts floating by, like a leaf floating on a river. For example, if you catch yourself thinking about what’s for dinner later, acknowledge the thought and move on. (So in your head, say: “My mind is thinking about that veggie burger with avocado and ketchup, but right now, I’m here in yoga—not making dinner.”)

Focus on your hot bod

Well, at least actively try to notice what’s going on in your body. That means focusing on each body part and how it feels in the moment. It’s not only about acknowledging those negative sensations—think about how powerful your arms feel when they’re supporting your weight in Crow pose or how the energy is flowing through your legs in Warrior I.

Don’t focus on your goals

It sounds counter intuitive, but thinking about how badly you want to stick that headstand can actually keep you from doing it. In your practice, it’s really important to accept what your body can do right now—and not what you hope it can do in the future or what it was able to do yesterday. Instead, think about your goals after class or even immediately before your next one. For now…

Count your blessings

Think about everything in your life for which you’re grateful (consider you have the body to practice, the ability to make time for it, etc).  Allow that feeling to take over your body and ground you in the moment. Gratitude connects your mind with a sense of joy that will fuel your practice. In fact, a recent study concluded that simply feeling grateful can enhance long-term well-being!

At True Hot Yoga, we believe that the body is like a finely crafted instrument which allows us to work in and maneuver through the world we live in.  Keeping this in mind, your body should be treated with the utmost care and respect. Breathing, exercise and meditation are the tools which can transform a student into a more relaxed, centered individual. A quiet mind allows for a quick recovery from the stress we each face everyday.

Offering a beginners rate of two weeks for $25, True Hot Yoga is the perfect place to get started if you’ve never tried yoga before but have always wanted to. Our rooms are nice and warm so that muscles stay limber, reducing the incidents of injury and also allowing a smoother flow into different positions.

The act of sweating helps regulate the body’s internal temperature gauge as well as stimulating your metabolism and encouraging the release of toxins.

We think you will find Hot Yoga to be awesome for renewing your mind and body.  Give us a call to arrange a visit to the studio, Who knows, maybe it will change your life… 5,000 years of studying and practicing this unique art can’t be wrong!

Call us at 480.767.YOGA today to learn more!

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