There are times when we need solitude; to think, to meditate, and to just have a period of peace and quiet.

Meditation is a big part of the yoga experience.

True meditation allows you to free your mind of the clutter of thoughts and worries that plague you during your busy day.

As you meditate you can focus on one thought at a time or no thoughts. Perhaps you wish to spend the time of meditation enjoying the pure silence and solitude of your thoughts.

True Hot Yoga is a great place to find the solitude you are seeking through hot yoga.

The classes are quiet and conversations are kept at a minimum. The voice of your instructor is allowed and that is where your focus will be for practicing the poses.

Your mental focus can be on whatever you want while you hold your poses and breathe. Perhaps you have been troubled by a conflict with someone that doesn’t seem to go away. This is a positive way to use meditation to focus on solutions to the problem.

The simple act of inhaling and exhaling deep breaths is not only a great way to clear your head it is a great way to clear your mind. A side benefit to this is an increase in your oxygen levels and circulation.

Deep cleansing breaths, meditation, Hot Yoga and your solitude all work together. You deserve time and you need to take the time.

True Hot Yoga has a variety of class times. Contact us today for more information at 480.767.YOGA (9642)

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