Why Hot Yoga is for You

Hot Yoga is a challenging workout, here at True Hot Yoga we have over 100 classes a week taught by some of the area’s finest instructors.

Do you dread getting dressed to go to the gym? Do you find excuses not to go?

Hot Yoga is simple. Yoga doesn’t require a machine.

Once you learn the basics, Hot Yoga can be practiced at home as well as in class.

What do you need to begin practicing Yoga?

You will need comfortable clothing that will allow you to bend and stretch freely.

You should also have a yoga mat of your own you can keep at home and bring to class.

At True Hot Yoga our studios are kept heated. There are multiple reasons we do this.

The heat will warm your muscles and prevent injuries. The heat through sweating flushes toxins from your body.

As you become more educated and comfortable with your practice you will begin to experience a toned body and your flexibility will increase.

You may also see weight loss in both inches and pounds as a benefit of practice on a regular basis.

Maintain your youth and vitality by practicing Yoga here at True Hot Yoga.

True Hot Yoga offers classes for all levels from beginner to master. Our instructors are up to date with the latest information on Yoga.

We have two convenient locations in Scottsdale and Arrowhead.

Call today and begin your new life in YOGA at True Hot Yoga,

480.767.YOGA (9642).

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