Yoga Attire

True Hot Yoga has classes to fit your busy lifestyle. Our studios are heated for maximum results in toning your body, cleansing and detoxifying your body.

So what does the Yoga student wear to class these days?

Women should definitely wear sports bras if possible that will offer the support and control while doing the poses as well as provide modesty.

If you wear a t-shirt for Yoga consider that your shirt may ride up when doing poses so you might want to wear a camisole underneath or a little longer shirt.

Leggings are comfortable and easy for the instructor to check your posture. Some leggings are very thin and see through so be sure to check for that.

Comfortable shorts are also a good choice for freedom of movement. Tight jeans or jean cutoff shorts are not a good choice as they are tight and restrict movement.

The advantage of wearing clothes specifically designed for Yoga such as Yoga pants is the clothing is geared toward the stretching and toning and should stay in place in the important spots and move freely when you are practicing your poses.

Capri length Yoga pants are ideal for hot yoga classes as they do keep you a bit cooler.

Headbands or hair ties keep your hair off of your face and help absorb perspiration.

Men now have more options in Yoga clothing than before although still not as many choices as women. Rugby shorts are short enough to offer freedom and, in heavy cotton drill, don’t slide up (that is, down) during a headstand.

Under Armour heat gear, made for football, absorbs sweat—a pair of simple running shorts provides some modesty. Lightweight leggings or sweat pants offer full leg coverage; some styles can be cut off.


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