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Yoga Poses for Men

Yoga Poses for Men

Both men and women can do most Yoga poses; there are some that are more geared to a man’s physique and stature. Below are a few poses geared toward men and instructions on performing the postures.

The Hero Pose

To do this pose properly, you will need to kneel with your knees touching each other. Place your heels next to your buttocks and keep the ankles and shins pressed into the floor. Try to sit your buttocks on the floor between your legs and if that doesn’t feel right place a support such as a phone book under you so the tension in your ankles and knees will ease.

If done correctly you should feel a strong stretch but not pain. This pose will become easier to perform over time so be patient. Hold for a full minute, breathe slow and deep, rest and repeat. The Hero Yoga pose stabilizes and strengthens the vulnerable knee joints.

The Boat Pose

This pose strengthens the back and core muscles. To do this pose sit on the floor bending your knees and place feet on the floor in front of you. Your hands should go behind your abdominal area and ease into your arms which will support you.

Keep a straight spine and lift your right leg, then left, hold a 45 degree angle. Put legs together and visualize a book between your thighs. Reach arms toward front of room, on either side of legs in line with shoulders with palms facing down. Hold this for 30 seconds up to a minute or longer.

Watch for more Yoga poses for men on future blogs.

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