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Yoga to Hinder Addictions

Overcoming any addiction is a very challenging process including lifestyle changes.

Positive lifestyle changes like adding exercise, taking classes, making new friends, etc., are helpful to prevent the addict from slipping back into former habits and drug use.

Some substance-abuse treatment programs include yoga practice because of its documented mental health benefits. People recovering from drug addiction, yoga may help reduce stress, provide an outlet for spirituality and offer social support.

Yoga is a very effective form of exercise

Yoga may increase self-esteem and reduce depression in people recovering from addiction, especially for people whose drug addiction has resulted in poor physical health.

Yoga also has a strong spiritual component which complements the Alcoholics Anonymous-style 12-step program commonly used in drug addiction recovery.

There are several yoga postures that can relax and calm the body and mind of addicts. On a yoga mat or carpeted area, bring your hands and knees to the floor for table pose. Take a deep breath in and arch your back and lightly drop your head for cat pose. Take a deep inhale in and drop your belly and lift your head for cow pose. Repeat this several times. End that series in child’s pose by lying over your tights with knees bent and arms dropped gently to your side.

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