What Is Yoga


The word “Yoga” translates in Sanskrit (an ancient language associated with India) to “yoke”, “union” or “discipline”. Yoga encompasses the broad range of physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines which also originated in ancient India. The goal of yogis thousands of years ago was to discover their “true” nature, to accept and embrace circumstance and to do so without expectation or attachment to results. Though time has passed and yoga has “evolved” in the Western world into a more “physical” practice – yogis today realize many of these same essential benefits.

Yoga, hot yoga in particular, is a challenging workout. With a regular practice you will reshape your body – tone, lengthen and strengthen. But more importantly, like the ancient yogis, you will calm your mind, strengthen your spirit and open up your perspective. You will leave each and every class energized, yet calm and focused, ready to take on the world. In fact, scientific studies have proven that a consistent yoga practice can significantly reduce fear, tension, anger and fatigue. But don’t take our “word” for it, try it for yourself!